I started university studying life sciences and graduated from it thinking I'd pursue a graduate degree in psychology. Needless to say, my path to becoming a designer in Toronto has been a serendipitous divergence from my original "plans".

My love and appreciation for the value of community comes from navigating my career mostly through informal education, local events and generous mentorship.

I've given talks, been a panelist, advised on councils and planned and facilitated events. My current labour of love is leading the Growth Pillar at UXPH, where we're working to create more educational, employment and development opportunities for Filipino designers.

I'm open to having coffee chats & offering mentorship for early-stage designers—if you're up to chat, schedule a call with me!
Ina Davis is a product designer specializing in the healthcare space. Shaped by her multicultural upbringing and cognitive science education, she uses design to distill complex problems into elegant and useful product solutions. Currently, she works at League and in her off-hours, she's a member of UX Philippines, a non-profit organization supporting the growth of the Philippine design industry.